Drive your brand performance

with our Brand Experience Index


We believe a brand is the sum total of all the touchpoints that its customers experience.

Four out of five marketers agree that experience is a stronger driver of brand performance than communications(CIM Brand Experience report).

By understanding the combined impact of all touchpoints, our Brand Experience Index (BXi) can calculate your brand’s total impact on customers compared to your competitors.


What it means for your business

Every 10 BXi points gives a brand double-digit growth in future preference, loyalty and advocacy (NPS). As a result, each BXi point correlates to a large bottom-line business value (e.g. £75m for Ryanair).

Become a Brand Experience Champion

Our one-day workshop will help you uncover deep insights into your BXi and give you fast steps to improve it, driving future brand performance and business value. 

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