Rufus Leonard


Lunch and Productivity.

Ferdie Simon

Gordon Gekko

I was pleased to find that Rufus is pretty liberal with their lunch hours. At my first ever internship I was filled with glumness to see an office filled with poor drones tied to their desks at lunch, joylessly ingesting a heinous wrap or sandwich while staring hopelessly into the bleak introverted abyss of social media. Was this the future? Was this all that we, as the working populace, had to look forward to – ever?

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Better balance week.

Bronwen Rees

stop sign

We all have moments when we don’t really feel our best, that’s part of life. But depression is different, as it doesn’t just go away, it can last for various lengths of time and be very hard to deal with. So here at Rufus we wanted to take some time to encourage discussion and understanding around the subject of depression and having the right life/work balance.

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