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Better balance week.

Bronwen Rees

stop sign

We all have moments when we don’t really feel our best, that’s part of life. But depression is different, as it doesn’t just go away, it can last for various lengths of time and be very hard to deal with. So here at Rufus we wanted to take some time to encourage discussion and understanding around the subject of depression and having the right life/work balance.

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Anastasia Innes 30 June 2014

Neil Svensen CEO Rufus Leonard agency

Neil Svensen presenting at Cannes Lions Festival 2014


The good and the great convene down at Cannes Lions for the annual summer event on the Cote d’Azur. A place invaded by the creative industry and for the first time Rufus were there too. Myself, Neil [Svensen- CEO] and Adam [Fulford – Strategy & Planning Director] took to the skies and hit the Boulevard de la Croisette.

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The sharability of almost everything.

Bronwen Rees 09 June 2014


people holding hands

At the beginning of 2014, Time named collaborative consumption as one of the “10 ideas that will change the world.” Collaborative consumption describes a shift in consumer values, from ownership to access. Together, communities and even entire cities are using less by renting, sharing, swapping and bartering products on a scale never experienced before.

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