Setting the tone for a new world of voice


The Challenge

New channels present new challenges. So the BBC came to us keen to get ahead in the world of voice user interfaces like Alexa. They wanted to understand how they should represent the masterbrand in this new world. How should they sound, what should they say and how would we design experiences that really delivered the brand experience of the BBC?


Our visionary thinking

We understood this was a layered problem. We needed to define the tone of voice and then how it would work for voice. To do this we knew we had to invent a way of testing VUIs in the home.

bbc voice group

Our detailed doing

We workshopped extensively with a myriad of stakeholders to refine the character and personality that would reflect the core brand. Then, we brought that to life in the tone of voice. We created a proprietary digital prototyping tool on the Alexa platform that let an operator mimic a real voice experience in a customer’s home. We used this to iteratively develop thorough guidance for how the Masterbrand should work in voice environments.