Brand Experience Index

After 30 years of advising businesses, we know that extraordinary brand experiences create real business value. Not only does brand experience impact how a customer feels about a brand, but it also has a significant financial impact on loyalty, customer spend and recommendations. Yet it’s always been frustrating that no method existed to measure and optimise brand experience. That is, until now. Here at Rufus Leonard, we’ve created the Brand Experience Index (BXi).

The BXi is an actionable measurement tool that helps businesses identify key moments across the entire customer journey for a brand to exceed customer expectations.

It allows brands to create roadmaps for where to concentrate their effort.

It gives us an overall measurement for brand experience, something that has been, to date, virtually impossible to extract.

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In this report you will learn:

  • How a BXi score is calculated
  • The commercial impact of BXi scores
  • Where brands such as Premier Inn, Visa, Apple, Waitrose and Parcelforce rank in the BXi league
  • How the B2B, Hotels, Financial Services, and Supermarkets industries perform; including the detail behind the scores
  • How the BXi works as an actionable metric
  • How to create your own brand experience hypotheses using the BXi Canvas

The BXi is changing the way we do marketing, putting brand experience at the heart of what we do.

Stephanie Verschoor

Global Head of Brand Experience and Design

Reckitt Benckiser