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Why, and how, to put brand at the heart of digital experiences

Strategy director Kate Fahie and head of UX Jen Berkeley share their key takeaways from our Marketing Week masterclass.

Brand at the heart of digital experiences


On 13th September 2022, we hosted a Customer Experience (CX) masterclass as part of Marketing Week’s Festival of Marketing – where we explored live examples of how marketers could tackle digital sameness, highlight the strengths and gaps in their ecosystem, and put brand at the heart of every digital experience.  

Sharing our tried, tested and trusted methods of realising opportunities and overcoming challenges, we showed attendees how to build brand differentiation in a crowded and increasingly competitive marketplace. 

Here, Kate Fahie, Strategy Director, and Jen Berkeley, Head of UX, share their key takeaways from the session. 

Why is it so important to bring brand to the forefront of your digital experiences?  

Kate Fahie, Strategy Director: 

It’s vital because brand is how you stand out. It’s how people – whether they’re customers or colleagues – become loyal and how you prove that your mission is actually a worthwhile one.That experience is an expression of the difference that you create. 

Digital is, just like other touchpoints, an integral part of enabling your brand to be experienced. Customers don’t separate them out so neither should we. They expect the same standards across all brand interactions, digital or not. 

The agile digital experience allows for anticipation, personalisation, and an on-point interaction – something customers have grown to expect nothing less than perfection on. 

Understanding the customer journey ensures your brand is in the rightplace, at the right time, saying (and doing) the right thing. Customer journeys are growing increasingly complex, as consumers jump around across platforms and competitors. In short: unless the experience resonates, is relevant, and captivates, they will move on to the next. 

Enabling and encouraging interaction with your brand builds customer ownership. And that’s a very powerful tool in a customer-first relationship. 

What should a business focus on, when evaluating their customer experiences? 

 Jen Berkeley, Head of UX: 

Before you do anything, you need to “get out of the building” (as Steve Blank famously said) to really gain an understanding of your customers and their needs. Take a holistic view – not one person knows everything about your business and your customers.  

Your business is made up of many component parts. Thinking in systems, and understanding how those component parts relate to each other, is key. Talk to people from across the business to get their viewpoint and continued input. Our Experience Valuation Engine and service blueprints are great tools to get a shared understanding of your digital experience. 

Get under the skin of your company’s mission and vision – what are the ultimate goals of the business, both in the short and long term? Finding the sweet spot between business objectives and customer needs will help you in evaluating and prioritising what activities to invest in. We use the Brand Experience Framework to make our clients’ mission tangible and actionable. We start with core idea, mission or purpose of the brand, We use the facets of the brand experience to start to define how the idea will drive experiences, We identify and define a unique and leading brand experience touchpoints. 

Lastly, you want to minimise waste and increase efficiencies. Now you’ve spent all that time and effort on a new product strategy – or you may have discovered a previous strategy exists but seems to have been forgotten about – communication is key. Any assets you create should be living and breathing entities. They should be constantly evaluated and shared across the business. There’s no point spending months creating a product strategy if no one knows about it. Use tools like Miro and Confluence or Notion to collaborate and share knowledge across the organisation. 

Our Experience Valuation Engine, and Brand Experience Framework tools are great for evaluating and prioritising as a team. Get in touch to find out more about them. 

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