Finding power, potential and innovation through brand experience

Laurence, CEO

Brand experience is all-encompassing - transforming the entire experience, impacting how people feel about a brand, and in turn, having a significant impact on spend, loyalty and, inevitably, advocacy.

We know that technology has transformed both consumer expectations and brand relationships. While brands can no longer rely on advertising as a go-to way of building relationships, these digitally-driven developments open up a world of opportunity for brands to innovate highly intuitive, personalised experiences.

By looking at innovation through a brand experience lens, businesses can move to a customer-centric approach that not only exceed expectations but also raises their commercial impact. After all, brands with a strong brand experience command 79% higher purchase intent and an average of 45 more Net Promoter Score points than those who offer a lesser experience.

However, despite the clear business impact of brand experience, organisations continue to struggle to deliver consistent, connected and differentiating experiences.

Writing for Admap, Laurence Parkes explains how business leaders can unlock faster and more reactive innovation, building on existing brand equity and creating greater alignment with core business. Read more here [paywall]

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