Helping your team thrive in the face of the global pandemic

Laurence, CEO

As leaders, our teams are looking to us now for clarity and reassurance.

Never is good leadership required more than in a time of crisis. We want to support you in leading your businesses so they become anti-fragile, with structures and actions that mean they can thrive (rather than just survive) under disruption.

Over the last months we’ve been talking to our clients, colleagues and peers across the marketing and digital industry. And we’d like to share some of the resources that will help your team thrive: 

An amazing resource is the webinar series that London Business School have been running since the start of lock-down. These cover a wide variety of subjects from one of the best business school faculties in the world (Full disclosure: LBS are a client of ours). Check out this one on leading through a pandemic. But if you don’t have the time to watch an hour-long webinar then read this short article from the excellent consultancy, Brightful.

Forrester has a bunch of COVID-19 specific free articles, including this one (Password: Rufusleonard) quantifying the economic impact of adopting employee collaboration technologies.

Knowing the challenges that are facing our colleagues we’ve created a series of guides to help them navigate this difficult time. Feel free to share with your colleagues. (Password: Rufusleonard)

· Working from home

· Remote managing

· Financial resilience

· Making the most of your furlough

Two resources that have been invaluable for us as we’ve moved rapidly and successfully to remote working are: this canvas tool for helping you collectively define the sort of remote culture you want to adopt and; the amazing online collaboration tool, Mural. With this tool, remote workshops are in some ways more effective than face-to-face workshops!

As you start thinking about how you might plan for a gradual return to work, consider the insights in this article. 

For a collection of resources that will help leaders ensure their business thrives, read this blog post