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Rufus re-launches RAW internship for 2022

Rufus Leonard re-launched its RAW paid internship in July, inviting aspiring technology and design specialists to learn from our team of passionate experts. To celebrate, we’re looking back at some Rufus RAW success stories from over the years.

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By Rufus Leonard

What is RAW?

Rufus’ RAW initiative helps people from any background get a fair look into an industry that can often be a closed door. We know it’s competitive out there, so we’re offering opportunities that aren’t about who you know or what you know, but who you want to become. We’re also a London Living Wage employer – which means we pay the real living wage to all directly-paid Rufus employees. That includes our RAW interns.

Our paid internship runs across all disciplines to give a taste of what a career in the industry is like. Our interns won’t be making coffees and scrolling the internet; we’ll give them a structured brief and plenty of mentorship and support from our team, so they leave us with lots of new knowledge and a great piece for their portfolio.

Alongside our range of RAW partners, we also get involved in portfolio reviews, 1-to-1 mentoring, student lectures, workshops and more, to help those starting out get a good head start. Because that’s what RAW is all about – giving anyone who wants to crack the creative industry the tools they need to succeed.

What did past RAW interns gain from it?

We've been lucky to see some incredible talent join Rufus through the RAW initiative. Some have moved on to bigger things; some have climbed up the ranks within Rufus, but each showed an eagerness and determination to learn and put into practise what Rufus could teach them. Here’s what they had to say about their time as a RAW intern:

THE CAREER CHANGER: Claudia, UX designer

“I was a Fashion Buyer for nearly 10 years and switching careers has been the best decision I’ve ever made. It’s not only about training and learning new skills, it’s about reinventing your life and setting new goals. I wanted to get into the creative industry through the right door. To find a place where I could learn, be challenged and get exposure to both agency life and UX processes. I found this with Rufus Leonard’s RAW Academy (the creative arm of RAW). From the start I had the opportunity to demonstrate my skills and my drive in designing creative solutions. I was involved with clients and important pitches and I knew my contribution mattered.”

THE NETWORKER: Oliver, Copywriter

“Until learning about Rufus’ RAW internship, I’d never heard of copywriting, so the internship was a steep but exhilarating learning curve; one I thoroughly enjoyed. I worked closely with my mentor and the wider copy team who taught me a wealth of invaluable skills. Throughout the internship, I was asked to work on some exciting client projects, contributing to naming workshops, video scripts and a pitch. RAW gave me the opportunity to work with some very talented people and continue to improve my skills.”

THE SIDE-HUSTLER: Lars, Strategist

“During my masters, I spent my downtime doing internships and working on side projects, as well as attending any industry related events I had access to – which is how I was introduced to Rufus Leonard. RAW was a brilliant introduction to the agency. I already had some idea of how the industry worked, but RAW helped me find grounding in an agency that fitted my way of working, something I think is still true.”

THE WORKSHOPPER: Drew, Strategist

“The RAW internship was essential for preparing me for my full-time strategist role. I arrived with experience only in brand and limited client experience, so it was an amazing opportunity to push my skills further and work with some huge brands. More importantly, I learnt a massive array of skills I didn’t know about before joining Rufus Leonard. It has definitely opened up my future in a way I couldn’t have done without RAW.”

Get ready to RAW

We’re invested in emboldening new talent and providing people with opportunities to get started. After all, imaginative and hard-working young people are the future of our industry. Our experience and knowledge, teamed with their ideas and fresh perspective will shape the creative world of tomorrow.

The Rufus RAW initiative gives us the opportunity to build a collaborative culture from the ground-up – to mentor, empower and learn from the talent of tomorrow. Together, we’re raising our creative game.


Regardless of how they found the RAW Academy, our alumni highlighted some key pieces of advice that will help the next generation of talent unlock the first step to a career in the creative industry:

  • Stay open to opportunities

  • Be proactive to create your own luck

  • Keep learning new skills, it will open doors

  • Attend industry-related events

  • Get face-to-face and make an impact

  • Don’t be afraid to reach out to your wider network

  • Look for agencies that match your values

  • Importantly, be persistent and never stop believing in yourself.

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