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At Rufus Leonard, we’ve been fiercely independent for over 30 years. It’s what gives us the room to be brave and down-to-earth. Values that penetrate our visionary thinking and detailed doing as we help service organisations become category defining. It also means we can partner with the best of breed, always. Joining the Harbour Collective as its design and technology partner is a prime example of how our independence benefits our clients. 


Harbour is a strategic and creative hub at the heart of a collective of discrete, independent and specialist agencies: The Harbour Collective. Comprised of 14 specialist agencies (and in-turn 500+ brilliant experts), the collective works together to combine skillsets across data and insight, media, content creation, engagement, experience, and production. Creating a collaborative and highly skilled team to support clients. To use Harbour’s own words: ‘Individually, they are all excellent agencies, collectively, they are a powerhouse capable of smashing any brief and budget.’


As the Harbour Collective’s design and technology partner, we can help our clients access quality expertise from a trusted network of independent agencies. Meaning, through the collective, our clients can get a bespoke team that can scale and flex to suit their needs. Importantly, a team that integrates efficiently while delivering creative excellence.


Rufus CEO, Laurence Parkes, says, “We’re proud to extend how we help our clients define their categories through their meaningful difference. Each agency in the collective has a strong, trusted reputation so whether our clients need an extension of support to cover media, content creation, CRM and more, we can seamlessly galvanise the experts to support. On the flip side we’re ready to bring our unique experience engineering approach to the party, to help future clients deliver extraordinary digital experiences.”


Paul Hammersley, Managing Partner of Harbour says, “Harnessing digital to deliver the brand promise across the customer experience is critical; Rufus Leonard are an agency that truly makes this happen. At Harbour we use the talent at our disposal within the Collective to build the perfect team for our clients. We’re excited to welcome Rufus Leonard into this mix. They are innovators that successfully balance the edginess of an independent agency with the experience of a 30-year young, established business.”


Learn more about the rest of the Harbour Collective here: harbour.london/collective

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