WEBINAR RECORDING: How to future–proof your digital experience ecosystem with headless

Rufus Leonard

Rufus’ Technology Director, client The Student Hotel, and partner Optimizely combined forces for our latest webinar: How to future-proof your digital experience ecosystem with headless.


With technology enabling the efficient creation of value to customers, increasingly the tech platform is the business. It’s the platform that facilitates growth and efficiency, allowing you to more easily create new highly personalised services and expand with new partners or new channels using your services. 346 people registered for the live event, making it clear that in 2021 many are evaluating if headless is the right choice for their business to deliver a differentiating customer experience.


Watch the webinar below


This webinar will not only help you evaluate, but also outline where to start with your headless or API-first architecture. Brought to life through examples from The Student Hotel's new enterprise standard solution – the first transactional website to be built using Optimizely and React. Watch now to uncover:

  • The key use cases for headless and API first architectures 
  • How The Student Hotel's headless architecture delivers differentiation that drives business growth
  • Key considerations for implementing a transactional website on Optimizely DXP and React
  • Where to start and how to make the business case for headless

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Rufus Leonard

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