Never before has the digital realm been so fundamental to how a brand delivers its unique brand promise.


In a world of accelerating disruption, organisations are looking for ways to rapidly create sustainable competitive advantage.  Unfortunately, while 80% of companies believe they deliver ‘superior experiences’, only 8% of customers agree, according to a study by Bain & Co. The strive towards customer experience (CX) best practice has created a market of digital sameness: brands solving the same user needs in the same ways. This results in a lack of distinction between competitors.


This white paper presents a fantastic opportunity to challenge your own brand’s dependency on customer experience best practice, align as an organisation around your customers, and push change through your organisation to deliver competitive advantage and sustained growth. 


‘How to differentiate with digital’ is full of tools, advice and examples to help you uncover:

  • How to tackle digital sameness
  • How to highlight the strengths and gaps in your digital experience ecosystem (Free strategic tool) 
  • How to solve user needs in a distinctive way that drives loyalty and advocacy
  • How to identify your brand’s hero moments
  • How to become consumer-centric but brand-led and technologically inspired
  • How to connect your brand purpose with your tech stack (Connecting your CMO and CIO agendas)
  • How to create a blueprint to translate business strategy into meaningfully different customer experiences