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Vision innovation and experience design

Brands with leading customer experience (CX) grow revenue faster, cut costs, reduce risk and can charge more for their products than those who don’t invest in CX innovation*. *Forrester

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It’s no secret that customer experience is a key competitive advantage for businesses.

Take on the challenge of bridging the gap between business ambitions and the digital experience design that customers will love. We help you set the vision, provide the innovation that drives growth and then get your colleagues excited about the change. We'll work with you from concept development to delivery, creating competitive, data-driven user experiences and user experience designs that meet customer needs and hit commercial goals.  We’ll position your brand as unique, competitive, and profitable.

We’re more than a UX agency or web design agency – through our deep experience in digital experience design, we’re experts in delivering the bigger picture.

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Vision and Innovation

First, we'll explore where you are currently vs. where you want to be. Then, we’ll deliver visualisations and detailed descriptions of your target experiences. Innovative ideas that are new to you, and the world, which drive growth for your business and form a core part of the brand you’re building towards.

We’ll back it all up with:

  • User stories describing needs met and key use cases

  • Illustrations of key screens and steps

  • Requirements for functionality and technology

  • KPIs and data types

  • Outline investment or ROI business cases

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Business Impact Matrix workshop

This intensive half-day workshop is designed to answer one question: “How do we align our brand and business ambitions to drive unified, measurable and impactful initiatives across our organisation?” 

It’s targeted on specific goals that support brand, experiential, organisational and technical goals to drive short, medium and long-term activities. Above all – it’s collaborative. We’ll bring together experts and leaders from your business, with our strategic experts, to give you a solid plan of action to refer back to throughout your transformation.

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Experience Strategy and Design

Turn ambition into profit-driving reality. Across a comprehensive experience strategy ‘Playbook’ (or a lite version if required), we’ll articulate the big idea into tangible tools. Details of how we’ll reshape the ecosystem, redefine content and create a deeper understanding of users, to guide stakeholders and mobilise colleagues.

We’ll deliver:

  • Engaging explanations of the idea and strategy – e.g. a video detailing the “why, what and when”

  • Personas, customer journeys, user interface design and user experience storyboards

  • Ecosystem map, defining the roles of channels across your experience

  • Guidelines for the creation, role and effectiveness measurement of content

  • Blueprints of services throughout the experience, and of the technology architecture required


Learn how to grow revenue faster with market-leading customer experiences:

CMO, London Business School

"Together, we’ve created a brand experience that feels premium, dynamic and ownable"
"We are delighted to see a more consistent and compelling expression of the London Business School experience that builds on our rich academic heritage and the strength of our global community.”



Want to hear more about how Rufus can help you set your vision, engage your teams, and deliver exciting new experiences that will drive real business growth? Or simply fancy seeing what else we can do? Complete the form on the right and we’ll get in touch.

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