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Aggreko is the global leader in temporary power, heating and cooling, with operating income in 2017 totalling £229 million. They had always been the leader in their market – a market they more or less invented when they first started renting out and selling mobile generators back in the 1960s. But 50 years later, the world had changed.

Aggreko are established in more than 200 countries around the world, however competitors had arrived and were catching up fast with a mixture of focused branding and targeted messaging to proactively grow their market share. Digital played a key part in this, with rivals using the web as a fulcrum for reaching audiences with both engagement and conversion in mind – meaning Aggreko had to step up, fast. 

They approached Rufus Leonard to transform their digital experience with two goals in mind: to present their brand and services in a distinct, meaningful and compelling way, and to tailor and deliver this to different audiences with different needs across the world.

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We placed content experience design and delivery at the forefront of our thinking. It was important for us to give Aggreko a customer-centric, internationally responsive website with a fresh new look; one that reflected a global brand with a local touch. The content also needed to resonate across their global audience on a personal level, as well as have genuine longevity and play a critical role for Aggreko in gathering useful data.

Aggreko’s offering not only spanned over 200 global markets, with different content viewing habits and local market needs, but encompassed B2B, B2C and government projects across sector – from entertainment to heavy industry, agriculture and humanitarian emergencies. With 57 content variants, this was quite a challenge.

Achieving this required bespoke innovation; both front and back-end. We worked with Aggreko Technology Services (ATS) on a new, modular global architecture – based on the Sitecore Experience Platform and run on an Azure cloud solution – which could deliver content in context for each market, sector and customer archetype.

We layered this with a personalisation strategy, feeding journey mapping into UX and wireframing, user-centred responsive design, iterative build and multiple integrations for product and customer data via their PIMs and CRM, Salesforce. To reduce global management overhead, we also supported complex translation management requirements through a Language Wire integration. The experience was unified across campaign channels through the implementation and integration of Sitecore’s email and marketing automation toolset (EXM) to the core Experience Platform.

The application and development of the technology means we are serving the right content to the right locations and in the context of the customer through personalisation rules. This contextual relevance is key to ensuring engagement with content which is relevant; allowing the customer to make informed decision on why Aggreko are the right choice.

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Dave Palmer

Head of Group Marketing, Aggreko

“Rufus Leonard understood our challenges and attacked each one head on. We liked their approach and the options they presented to us."
"We’re delighted with the results, which are already paying dividends. We are seeing a huge increase in our organic and direct traffic worldwide, and our teams are proud of the new look and feel, and are excited for the future development we have in store.”

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Service Architecture

Benefit from the flexibility and design freedom of API-first technology and use data to power your business agility. All while only paying for what you need. We're an agile API developer - we’ll build a transformative, composable and scalable service architecture that turns your platform into a powerful business asset.

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Brand Strategy & Identity

Cut through the market noise with an iconic brand that connects with customers in distinctive and compelling ways. We crystalise insights from consumer behaviours and perceptions, company truths, market dynamics and cultural conversation, to create a category-defining brand that communicates your unique value.

We’ll deliver: 

  • Design concepts expressing visual, verbal and motion styles

  • Design assets

  • Your team – empowered, emboldened, and excited by your brand strategy

  • Brand guidelines for your purpose, promise, positioning and principles

Service-Card -EcosystemDesign&Build- 645x362
Ecosystem Design and Build

Deliver best-in-class omnichannel experiences with a strategically selected platform and digital ecosystem. We’ll understand your organisational needs and ambitions to deliver business-critical products with leading edge architecture – complete with full build, customisation and quality assurance.

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Experience Strategy and Design

Turn ambition into profit-driving reality. Across a comprehensive experience strategy ‘Playbook’ (or a lite version if required), we’ll articulate the big idea into tangible tools. Details of how we’ll reshape the ecosystem, redefine content and create a deeper understanding of users, to guide stakeholders and mobilise colleagues.

We’ll deliver:

  • Engaging explanations of the idea and strategy – e.g. a video detailing the “why, what and when”

  • Personas, customer journeys, user interface design and user experience storyboards

  • Ecosystem map, defining the roles of channels across your experience

  • Guidelines for the creation, role and effectiveness measurement of content

  • Blueprints of services throughout the experience, and of the technology architecture required



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