Creating a global web platform for a world class solutions provider

  • 16%

    Decrease in bounce rate

  • 34%

    Increase in traffic

  • 87%

    Increase in page views



Aggreko, the global energy solutions supplier, encountered increasing challenges in the digital space. Customers and visitors to the website struggled to understand who Aggreko was and exactly what they did. The regional sites were so inconsistent, it was like dealing with disparate entities, depending on where you were in the world.



We've delivered a responsive web solution on the Sitecore Experience Platform that gives a customer-centric experience through dynamic personalisation and marketing automation based on behavioural, sector, and geographical segmentation. With better organised information to improve the user journey through ease of navigation, and complemented with a new look and feel that reflects their pioneering business, Aggreko will be better placed to compete with their competitors.


Rufus Leonard understood our challenges and attacked each one head on. Our teams are proud of the new look and feel, and are excited for the future development we have in store.

Dave Palmer

Head of Group Marketing