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Sparking imaginations


The Challenge

 Do you remember BBC Bitesize? If you are a UK millennial, then chances are you do. 80% of secondary school students and 40% of primary school students use Bitesize, making it the most popular dedicated educational site in the UK.

Bitesize covers 329 subjects, with 9,137 study guides and over 5,000 videos. For nearly 20 years, BBC Bitesize has been the go-to online resource for generations of students preparing for their exams. But with the changing digital landscape and the expanding age range of its userbase, the brand needed to evolve. The BBC tasked Rufus Leonard with creating a personalised and progression-based brand, future-proofed to evolve while delivering a rewarding experience for learning of all ages and abilities.  


Our visionary thinking

Through an audit of the brand’s history and research into its variety of audiences, we uncovered three key insights: the colour orange stimulates mental activity, a brand with movement moves people to learn, and ‘bite-sized’ needs to be just that. These understandings helped guide our thinking for the new core brand model underpinning the experience. 

We mapped the brand against the needs of the range of learner types, using different features and assets that would automatically flex elements of the brand and visual identity. We also focused on a combination of consistent visual anchors like the brand mark and art direction to create the best experience for each individual learner.

person walking in front of bbc bitesize mural

Our detailed doing

Working in partnership with the BBC’s in-house UX team, we developed an experience framework that could accurately reflect the new brand experience and provide the structure required for a successful creative development.

It resulted in consistent typography and structure across the site, but iconography and colours that change depending on the age of the user. Delivering a completely redesigned Bitesize platform, with a new logo, a bespoke font, a new tone of voice, colour palette, the introduction of ‘sparks’, new illustrations and photography.


It’s hugely exciting to be able to mark our big Bitesize birthday with a fresh look, new features and material that will directly impact the lives of our audience. We know that for many, over the last twenty years Bitesize has been the difference between passing and failing key exams. We’re looking forward to doing even more in the next twenty years to help support every young person in the UK to reach their full potential.

Sinead Rocks

Director of Education

BBC Education