Lloyds Banking Group Immersions

Helping colleagues get to know their brands

  • 100%

    Of attendees said the immersion was either brilliant or good

  • 76%

    Of attendees, after our session, said they felt comfortable to use the brands tone of voice in their role


Delivering on-brand service requires employees to truly understand the business they work for and the experience that needs to be delivered. However, with a complex multi-brand organisation like Lloyds Banking Group, with staff up and down the country, how can stellar customer service be provided and the changing needs of customers met? 


Alongside our role as brand guardian and supporting the 20+ Lloyds Banking Group roster agencies, Rufus run ongoing immersion sessions for each of the brands, for new starters and as refreshers for long term team members.


“An excellent session. Bright, sharp and to the point.”

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