Lloyds Banking Group Online Toolkit

Delivering consistent brand experiences for 30 million customers

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Lloyds Banking Group (LBG) employs over 75,000 colleagues across its business in the UK. Some work on a single brand, e.g. as a Halifax or Lloyds Bank branch manager, and some work across multiple brands, e.g. within the HR team or as Executives in head office. What all the employees have in common is the need for clear and consistent guidance about what it is that defines each brand in the portfolio – what each stands for, looks, sounds and behaves, the type of experience to be delivered to customers, and crucially how and when these should be different from each other or connected to the LBG brand itself.


Rufus have been guardians of the LBG portfolio of brands for over 20 years. Most recently, we designed and built an online brand toolkit for LBG to allow the teams to manage the portfolio of brands. From guidelines for visual identity and tone of voice, to best practice campaigns, the toolkit gives every colleague access to one clear, consistent version of the truth. This means that all colleagues can be more effective at delivering consistent and meaningful brand experiences to their customers whichever brand they use.