Building a stronger defence brand architecture



The Ministry of Defence (MOD) had a lack of cohesion and consistency with the overarching brand, and brands that fit within it, which was visible across multiple touchpoints and collateral.

The absence of a clear brand framework contributed to:

  • Limited positive meaning in the MOD brand
  • Single Services each seeking to establish their role and value
  • Ongoing proliferation of diverse new brands across the organisation


As part of a wider brand strategy programme, Rufus proposed a new brand architecture for the MOD and the creation of a “UK Defence” brand to house all the brand within.

To address the key issues, the new architecture needed to:

  • Strengthen the brands by reducing fragmentation
  • Support the Single Services collectively whilst capitalising on the strength of their brands individually
  • Encourage cohesion across the whole UK Defence community

The new, cohesive brand framework not only helped the organisation to attract, motivate and retain talent, whilst operating more efficiently, but also increased efficiency around investment in new brands.