A world-class travel experience

  • 50 APIs integrated into
    the system
  • 144 individual components dynamically localised
  • 30% increase in


Stagecoach had an ambition to deliver a world-class travel experience to local bus users. This meant creating an online experience that varied widely in pricing, marketing and content across its 18 different operating companies. They aimed to leverage new technology to prevent any barriers that could stop potential customers travelling by bus, and by doing so, positioning Stagecoach as the most valuable journey companion.



We set out to create a customer facing digital platform that would be accessible to all users, whatever the age, whoever the passenger. We made real-time use a priority to tackle any anxiety regarding bus travel. We used customers’ locations to personalise the online experience and deliver up-to-date timetable information, allowing passengers to easily plan their journey or locate specific services. We also made buying and using a ticket a simple extension of the platform, facilitating multiple payment options including purchasing and redeeming tickets via the on-bus payment 'SmartCard', further ensuring that all customers can travel with ease.

Despite the complexity of the back-end with 50 different APIs, our service-orientated architecture solution means that Stagecoach has a single service layer for business scalability. As a Sitecore Gold Partner, we could fully utilise the cutting edge Sitecore platform to deliver greater content flexibility and cross channel personalisation.

* Photography by Ryan Edy and production by Pointblank Productions


This project represents the next step in an on-going journey towards technology driven, customer-centricity, part of a realistic schedule of longer term development.

Alistair Smith

Commercial Director

Stagecoach Group