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Engaging the nation in the fight for our world.



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As the leading independent global conservation organisation, WWF UK has a very real objective to set the agenda on environmental issues and drive real world change at a faster pace. Recognising the effectiveness of mobile apps in disseminating information and inspiring action, WWF UK challenged Rufus Leonard to create an app experience that would affect macro decisions through mass, micro behavioural change, with a long-term goal to bend the 2030 climate curve.

It was key for a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to launch fast to market. One that would engage with audience and user feedback for continuous development, and act as a long-lasting, strategic, highly effective channel to communicate with UK supporters and non-supporters.



We partnered with Pocket App to develop My Footprint – a challenge-based app that leaned into gamification to engage supporters and newcomers through tasks, tangible action and social sharing.

Conscious that My Footprint would need to provide information for a diverse mix of lifestyles and personalities, across all social-economic groups, we placed heavy importance on our research reflecting the true breadth and depth of society. Rich audience insights helped us evolve all parts of the app and are most obviously reflected in the challenges we developed to affect behavioural change.

Employing behavioural change tactics, we offered a variety of challenges across different topics and effort levels, all geared to gamifying the creation of new habits that are practical for all the family.

The content was underpinned by storytelling and relevant articles that showed the impact WWF UK was having and the part supporters played.

Social sharing was highly encouraged to help amplify the message and galvanise a movement.

We wanted to create a scalable, re-usable solution in line with the principles of circular design, which meant creating APIs that could fuel other WWF UK products/services and support partner initiatives. The latest release has reimagined WWF UK’s Carbon Footprint Calculator, while partner activations via the app – such as Sky Heroes – pushed positive change even further, faster.

The app was built with React Native for its versatility and the ability to deploy on both iOS and Android with a single codebase.

Critical to success, My Footprint needed to be embedded into the community and users’ needs, and our responsive approach enabled us to keep these needs at the heart of every action and output.

Co-creation with our target audience helped develop the app, but My Footprint was truly co-created with tight collaboration across the WWF UK, Rufus Leonard and Pocket App teams. While working on the MVP, key members of WWF UK co-located to Rufus’ offices – building a level of trust which allowed us to work together at pace, and adapt our approach as a unified team when COVID-19 hit.

Against the backdrop of global disruption, we delivered a constantly evolving, award-winning app that acts as a long-lasting and unique channel for WWF UK to educate and inspire both loyal supporters and curious explorers alike, as well as drive engagement in its partner activations. Acting as a catalyst for tackling the climate agenda as a nation, My Footprint was a unique exercise in behavioural change that answered real human needs and supported people in actively making a positive impact in the fight for our world. And with more than 126,000 challenges completed so far, the evidence of that behavioural change is very encouraging.



"My Footprint has become one of our main channels for supporter engagement and allowed us to set ambitious objectives."
"The app has continued to evolve based on this clear roadmap which reacts to the app’s community feedback and usage.”

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Experience Strategy and Design

Turn ambition into profit-driving reality. Across a comprehensive experience strategy ‘Playbook’ (or a lite version if required), we’ll articulate the big idea into tangible tools. Details of how we’ll reshape the ecosystem, redefine content and create a deeper understanding of users, to guide stakeholders and mobilise colleagues.

We’ll deliver:

  • Engaging explanations of the idea and strategy – e.g. a video detailing the “why, what and when”

  • Personas, customer journeys, user interface design and user experience storyboards

  • Ecosystem map, defining the roles of channels across your experience

  • Guidelines for the creation, role and effectiveness measurement of content

  • Blueprints of services throughout the experience, and of the technology architecture required

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Vision and Innovation

First, we'll explore where you are currently vs. where you want to be. Then, we’ll deliver visualisations and detailed descriptions of your target experiences. Innovative ideas that are new to you, and the world, which drive growth for your business and form a core part of the brand you’re building towards.

We’ll back it all up with:

  • User stories describing needs met and key use cases

  • Illustrations of key screens and steps

  • Requirements for functionality and technology

  • KPIs and data types

  • Outline investment or ROI business cases



If you’ve got the aspiration to deliver something meaningful to your customers, we’ve got the strategic thinkers and creative doers to make it happen. For a little bit more on how we can help, complete the form and we’ll get in touch.


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